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Pipe Lining

We install new lining in underground pipes quickly and without the need for excavation.

Dramatic Before/After Results!

Our innovative process can save your road, driveway, sidewalk, yard, slab and your sanity! Cobo utilizes Perma-Liner™ innovative pipe lining “ZERO DIG technology to create “pipes like new” results quickly and without digging up the foundation, landscape, sidewalks and beyond. Our video camera will show you amazing before and after results! Perma-Liner technology is a cost effective solution to rehabilitate and repair Florida deteriorating pipelines that are either leaking or structurally unsound.

Our Process

CIPP (Cured Pipe in Place) PERMANENTLY repairs and renews old or cracked pipelines, leaking or burst pipes, deteriorating pipe lines!  


Video Inspection


Locate Cracked Pipes


Install CIPP Pipe Liner


Relined Pipe

Which homes benefit
from CIPP?

Realtors and Home Buyers

Did you know that homeowners are responsible for the portion of the sewer network connecting private properties to the public sewer system?

Many agencies are now required to include sewer lines as part of a home inspection. Cobo offers video inspections and relining solutions to reduce liability and ensure there are no problems with the sewer system at the time of sale.

See the process for yourself!