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Video Inspection

Determine the condition of sewer pipes and need for HYDRO JETTING, RE-LINING or other repairs!

Having a sewer or pipe problem?

Rather than digging up the entire length of a pipe to find and fix the problem, fiber optic video cameras can be used to inspect the sewer line and locate damage or blockages, even within cement or under the foundation. Video pipe inspection can reach the lines inside a house and extend as far as the intersection of a sewer line to the municipal main. When a customer has a sewer line leak, video pipe inspection is performed using a high-resolution video camera connected to a flexible fiber optic scope. The video footage is collected and stored as a record for the customer.

Our Process

Video pipe inspection finds leaks, cracks, blockages & more


The Pipeline is inspected to find the problem


Video inspection shows a blockage. Zero Dig solution: Hydrojetting


Video inspection reveals cracked pipes. Zero dig solution: Relining

What else can video inspection do?

Video pipe inspection can also used following cleaning or repair services to ensure that work was done right.

Realtors and Home Buyers

Did you know that homeowners are responsible for the portion of the sewer network connecting private properties to the public sewer system?

Many agencies are now required to include sewer lines as part of a home inspection. Cobo offers video inspections and relining solutions to reduce liability and ensure there are no problems with the sewer system at the time of sale.